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Bansi Pachak Churan 200g

by Deep
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  • Bansiwala swadisht churan promotes digestion of foods, its digestive enzymes are used to digest foods.
  • Bansiwala swadisht churan helps to provide you immediate relief from gastric, acidity, and bloating issues.
  • Bansiwala swadisht churan combines the goodness of natural ingredients like Saunth, Jeera, Dhaniya, anardana, pippal and amchur.
  • Delicious Pachak churan specially for kids & all. A Sour and Sweet Treat to Savour After Your Meal & anytime. Delicious and Healthy Hajma Pachak.
  • Bansiwala swadisht churan helps in flatulence, gas formation, sour belching, burning in the chest, indigestion, constipation etc.