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Free Delivery In Ottawa & Gatineau on Order above $49.99

Chakki Fresh Poha Thin 2lb

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Chakki Fresh Poha Thin - "Delicate Whispers of Tradition" Chakki Fresh delivers a variant of the traditional flattened rice that's celebrated for its fine, almost translucent quality, bringing a novel texture to a well-loved ingredient.

Features of Chakki Fresh Poha Thin:

  • Nutrient-Rich: This poha is a source of instant energy, low in calories, and high in iron, making it a nutritious start to the day.
  • Feather-Light Texture: Specially prepared to be thinner than regular poha, it provides a unique, delicate texture that enhances the dish's feel.
  • Quick and Easy to Prepare: Being thin, it requires minimal soaking time and cooks up in just a few minutes, perfect for a fast-paced lifestyle.
  • Culinary Flexibility: Ideal for creating a variety of dishes, from the classic Kanda Poha to innovative desserts, salads, and snacks.
  • Natural and Unprocessed: Made from the finest quality rice, it's simply flattened and dried with no additives, retaining its natural goodness.
  • Preserved Freshness: Packed with care to ensure that it maintains its freshness and texture, ready to swell up to soft flakes when soaked.

With Chakki Fresh Poha Thin, you have the opportunity to rediscover poha in a new light, whether it's in a traditional breakfast dish or as a creative culinary element in modern cuisine.