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Divine Tulsi Maala

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  • This authentic Tulsi Kanthi beads Necklace is Handmade, Sewn into a Garland with a Heavy Duty Thread. It has 108 + 1 guru beads.b
  • The name "Tulasi" means "She Who is Incomparable”. Tulasi, Tulsa or Vrinda Devi, the Goddess of Vrindavana. Tulsi also has Medicinal Properties – It is considered Divine and used for Bhakti Yoga.
  • This Healing Rosary Spiritually Energized Mala Tulsi (Tulasi) Japa Mala or Holy Basil Wood Mala made from Hand Carved, Very light brown wood beads, rough barrel hewn beads lovingly hand knotted together.
  • Tulsi authentic Mala beads can be worn around the neck for spiritual healings. Tulsi mala clears the Aura, and its subtle smell fills the heart with sensation of the divine.
  • Worn for mystical, spiritual and astrological significance for chanting OM, for awakening chakras, kundalini through yoga meditation OR simply as a style statement.