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Free Delivery In Ottawa & Gatineau on Order above $49.99

Golden Temple Flour Duram Atta(wheat flour)

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Embrace the authentic and wholesome taste of Golden Temple Duram Atta, a premium quality wheat flour that is carefully milled from the finest durum wheat grains. Duram Atta, also known as durum wheat flour, is a staple in Indian households, cherished for its nutty flavor and versatility in various culinary creations.

Golden Temple Duram Atta is meticulously processed to ensure a fine and smooth texture, making it perfect for preparing a wide array of Indian bread such as chapatis, rotis, parathas, and puris.

Duram Atta is known for its high protein and gluten content, which contributes to the elasticity of the dough, resulting in soft and pliable bread. It also imparts a rich golden color to the finished bread, enhancing its visual appeal.