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Free Delivery In Ottawa & Gatineau on Order above $49.99

Laxmi Ragi Flour (Finger Millet Flour) 2lb

by Laxmi
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Laxmi Ragi Flour, made from nutrient-dense finger millet, is a popular choice for those seeking a healthier alternative to conventional flours. Ragi, also known as finger millet, is celebrated for its exceptional nutritional value and versatility in the kitchen.

Key Features:

Nutrient Powerhouse: Ragi is rich in essential nutrients like calcium, iron, and dietary fiber. It's a valuable source of nutrition for individuals of all ages.

Gluten-Free: Laxmi Ragi Flour is naturally gluten-free, making it an excellent choice for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

Low Glycemic Index: Ragi has a low glycemic index, which means it releases glucose slowly into the bloodstream, helping to manage blood sugar levels.

Versatile Usage: This flour can be used to prepare a wide range of dishes, from traditional Indian recipes like ragi dosa and ragi mudde to contemporary creations like ragi cookies and bread.