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Free Delivery In Ottawa & Gatineau on Order above $49.99

Lipton Yellow Label Loose Tea 454g

by Lipton
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Lipton Yellow Label Loose Tea is a classic, globally recognized brand that has found its place in Indian tea culture. Often referred to as "Chai patti" in India, this tea is favored for its rich taste and flexibility in brewing strength. Here's a potential product description:

Lipton Yellow Label Loose Tea - "Chai ka Sampoorn Swad" Step into the world of timeless flavor with Lipton Yellow Label Loose Tea, where every leaf brings a story from the lush tea gardens to your cup. Known affectionately as "Chai patti" across countless Indian homes, Lipton Yellow Label is synonymous with a perfect tea experience.

This tea is a blend of sun-kissed leaves that are picked at the peak of their flavor, ensuring a rich, golden cup of chai every time. The brisk brightness and robust flavor profile honor the Indian tradition of strong and hearty brews, making it a perfect companion for your tea-time snacks or early morning contemplation.

Lipton Yellow Label's loose tea leaves allow for customization in strength and flavor, catering to the diverse and vibrant palates of India. Whether you prefer your chai kadak (strong) or halki (light), these leaves steep a cup that's just right for you.

Ideal for the moments of solitude or the lively conversations around the table, Lipton Yellow Label Loose Tea is more than just a beverage—it's a ritual that unwinds the soul and sparks connections. Pair it with the sweetness of jalebis or the savory crunch of samosas to elevate your snack time to a feast of flavors.