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Mothers Punjabi Mixed Pickle 500g

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Dive into the heart of Indian condiments with Mother's Punjabi Mixed Pickle, a bold and zesty addition to any meal. This traditional pickle blends a variety of sun-soaked fruits and vegetables like mangoes, limes, and chilies, all matured in a rich mix of aromatic spices. Each ingredient is handpicked to capture the essence of Punjabi recipes, creating a taste that is as diverse as the region itself.

Renowned for its fiery taste and tangy aroma, Mother's Punjabi Mixed Pickle is a staple in Indian households, often accompanying meals to elevate the dining experience. It is a testament to the Indian art of pickling, a culinary technique that preserves the robust flavors of the produce and spices. With Mother's, every jar delivers a homemade feel, enriching your dishes with a homemade taste that brings comfort and authenticity to your table.