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Free Delivery In Ottawa & Gatineau on Order above $49.99

Patak's Pickle Mango Indian Style 284ml

by Patak's
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Delight in the authentic taste of Patak's Pickle Mango Indian Style, a traditional and flavorsome mango pickle that captures the essence of Indian cuisine. This mouthwatering pickle is made with carefully selected raw mangoes, expertly blended with a medley of aromatic spices, creating a harmonious burst of flavors.

Patak's Pickle Mango is crafted using time-tested recipes that ensure the mangoes retain their natural tanginess and firmness. The combination of tangy raw mangoes and a blend of spices, including mustard seeds, fenugreek, turmeric, and red chili, creates a delightful balance of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds.

This Indian-style mango pickle is a versatile condiment that pairs perfectly with various dishes. Whether you're serving it with biryani, curries, parathas, or rice, Patak's Pickle Mango adds a zesty and tangy kick that elevates the overall dining experience.