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Regal Roasted Savian 350g

by Regal
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Indulge in the delightfully crisp and satisfying crunch of Regal Roasted Savian, a savory treat that marries the traditional essence of Indian snacks with the health-conscious approach of modern cuisine. This roasted delight is not just a snack; it's a wholesome experience, offering the rich flavors of gram flour in a light, airy form that's been carefully roasted to perfection.

Regal Roasted Savian stands out for its commitment to quality and taste. Made from premium gram flour, these noodle-like strands are skillfully roasted, ensuring that you enjoy not just the authentic flavor but also a healthier snacking option without compromising on the indulgent experience.

Light and Crispy: Enjoy the lightness and perfect crispiness of Regal Roasted Savian, a snack that's been roasted to offer a satisfying crunch with every bite. It's the ideal treat for those who cherish the flavors of traditional Indian snacks but prefer a lighter, less oily option.

Versatile Culinary Companion: Regal Roasted Savian is incredibly versatile. Sprinkle it over your salads, chaats, or soups to add a delightful crunch, mix it into your snack blends for a savory twist, or savor it as it is alongside your favorite hot beverage.

Healthier Snack Choice: With its roasted preparation, Regal Roasted Savian provides a healthier alternative to the traditional fried snacks. Enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of snacking, knowing you're treating yourself to something that's not just tasty but also better for your well-being.

Cultural Snack Experience: Embrace the authentic flavors of Indian cuisine with a snack that's deeply rooted in the country's culinary traditions. Regal Roasted Savian is a celebration of taste and tradition, perfect for those who appreciate the rich heritage of Indian savory treats.