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Swad Methia Mango Pickle 400g

by Swad
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Swad Methia Mango Pickle is a zesty and flavorful pickle that combines the goodness of ripe mangoes with the boldness of Indian spices. This pickle offers a unique blend of spicy and tangy flavors that add excitement to your meals.

Methia Mango Pickle is prepared using carefully selected ripe mangoes, which are sliced and marinated in a mixture of aromatic spices, with the prominent inclusion of methia or mustard seeds. The mustard seeds give the pickle its distinctive spicy kick and contribute to its bold and pungent flavor.

Swad Methia Mango Pickle is a versatile condiment that pairs excellently with various Indian dishes. It can be served with rice, chapati, or as a flavorful accompaniment to snacks. The combination of tangy mangoes and fiery spices creates a pickle that is beloved for its bold and authentic taste, making it a staple in many Indian households.