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Tea india Cinnamon Instant Chai (10 sachets) 233g

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Tea India Cinnamon Instant Chai offers a delightful and convenient way to savor the warm, spiced flavors of traditional Indian chai. Each sachet in this pack contains a carefully crafted blend of tea and spices, featuring the sweet and aromatic essence of cinnamon, a spice beloved in Indian cuisine for its rich flavor and health benefits.

Cinnamon, known for its sweet and woody flavor, is perfectly paired with black tea in these sachets, creating a comforting and heartwarming beverage. The spice not only adds a delightful taste but also brings its own health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to help regulate blood sugar levels.

Tea India's Cinnamon Instant Chai is designed for those who love the taste of spiced chai but appreciate the convenience of an instant preparation. Preparing a cup is as simple as adding hot water to the sachet contents, making it perfect for busy mornings, a quick afternoon pick-me-up, or a cozy evening drink.

This product is especially appealing to those who have a fondness for Indian chai, including Indian immigrants seeking a taste of home and anyone who enjoys the flavors of spiced tea. It's a wonderful way to experience the comfort of chai with the distinct and beloved flavor of cinnamon.

With Tea India Cinnamon Instant Chai, you can enjoy the authentic taste of Indian chai infused with the sweet and warm notes of cinnamon in a quick and easy way, bringing a moment of tranquility and pleasure to your day.