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Udupi Idli rice 10Lb (4.5kg)

by Udupi
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Udupi Idli Rice, offered in a substantial 10-pound package, is specially curated for preparing idlis, a classic South Indian delicacy loved for its soft and spongy texture. Udupi, a brand renowned for its dedication to authentic Indian food products, ensures their Idli Rice is of the highest quality to produce perfect idlis every time.

This type of rice is distinct from regular table rice, characterized by its shorter grains and sturdier texture, which is ideal for making idli batter. The rice's unique properties help in creating a batter that ferments well, an essential process for achieving the idlis' signature soft and fluffy texture.

To prepare the batter, Udupi Idli Rice is soaked, ground to a fine consistency, and then mixed with urad dal (split black lentils). This mixture is left to ferment overnight, resulting in a batter that not only gives the idlis their lightness but also a subtle tangy flavor.

The versatility of Udupi Idli Rice extends beyond idlis. It's also excellent for making dosas, another popular South Indian dish, which requires a similarly fermented batter. For anyone passionate about authentic South Indian cuisine or looking to explore traditional cooking at home, Udupi Idli Rice is an indispensable ingredient. It promises to deliver the authentic taste and texture that's essential for creating delightful, homemade idlis, dosas, and other similar dishes